a quick-paced and comedic thriller featuring loveable bassist bartender and Canadian lead character, Nora, whose wish just might come true. But is that a good thing? Especially as she deals with competition at work and the fact that she’s possibly dating The Midnight Rambler?!” - The Halfwit Writer


"The audience can't help but connect with the energy that Marcus radiates from the stage!" Melodic Pixel Media

Passion, creativity and the fearlessness to avoid boundaries: that's what pushes Marcus Starr onward.

Marcus' output is extraordinary: Releasing his sophomore novel Monsters In The Moonlight: Creepy Short Stories in December 2023, plus pumping out short stories as @CallMeStarr on Reddit, as well as his his debut novel Nora's Curse, a spicy dark thriller, earlier this year.

Not only is Marcus Starr an accomplished author, who's 3rd novel is expected before Christmas 2024, Marcus is a full-time musican/private music instructor. His band: Aster Nox (sax infused, tube driven funk rock) has released their debut EP: Tarot!

Where did it all begin, you ask? Marcus moved to Hamilton ON to study jazz guitar and composition. Upon completing post secondary, Marcus went on to form Radio Free Universe with George Panagopoulos. Then, four years and three albums later, Marcus left to pursue other musical outlets, including Torque Hound, Monte Carlo Band and a bustling solo career, which ultimately led him to performing and recording with funk rockers Aster Nox, his most ambitious musical project to date. 

'Over the years I've witnessed hundreds of fantastic performers. What sets Marcus Starr apart is his passion for playing. Whether he is strumming an acoustic and singing a folk song, or tickling his Strat while backed by a band; the audience can't help but connect with the energy that Marcus radiates from the stage.' - Melodic Pixel Media

These days, Marcus Starr wakes to a pot of hot tea, meditates, then commits to writing and/or editing his stories, while completing his third novel, a spine-tingling three-part haunted house story. His evening are spent writing, teaching, recording and performing music.